• Suria Sparks

What's Your Worth?

Your Worth is Defined by How YOU Value YOU Stop Looking on the Outside Stop Expecting the Right Words to Flow Stop Yearning Wanting the Validation & Acknowledgement of Your Value & Worth

No One, No Thing can ever complete You & fill that hole of Unworthiness The Years of Waiting The Hours of Hoping For the Right Words, the Exact Measure of Love

Release the Need for Others to be that Perfect Mould of What You want them to Be Say or Do for and To You for you to be happy & satisfied

There is No Outside Out there, someone , something that can ever Fulfill You or Make You Whole Complete & Enough

You DO You You Fill You You Acknowledge You You Appreciate You You Love You

Only You Make You Happy Only You can Complete You Only You can Bring You Joy Only You can make you Feel Worthy Loved and Appreciated

Say to Yourself what You have always been yearning to hear

Dear Suria I'm so Proud of You Of the Journey you walk on broken glasses with your bleeding feet, never giving up The emotional Battles you have fought, won and lost The skies you have flown & crashed to the ground The mountains you have climbed & tumbled The fire you have engulfed that burnt you to ashes

Yet time and time again you survive it all With wounds scars and bruises, you healed again With broken wings, you flew again With bleeding feet, you climb again With ashes burnt to the ground, you rise again

I am darn proud of Your Imperfections Your Flaws, Of What You did and did not do Of Your Mistakes Even those are beautiful flawsomeness in you

You are magnificent, capable, so so Worthy of Celebration Pat on Your back for every milestone Yes You do You Don't wait for anything or anyone anymore You give yourself the Credit

There is no need to be Better, Greater, Smarter, and More than anyone or anything You aren't in competition with anyone or anything

This is a Journey where Right here and now You are Full Complete and Enough

Even if seems like the world puts you down Even if it seems cold, lonely and empty on the outside Even if they leave you coz you aren't a match

It's never about what is wrong with you There will always be greater, smarter, better out there But there will never be You and none can ever be You

Release their thoughts of you Surrender to this moment of perfection That where you are right now is perfect for you There is no mistake You aren't a mistake You are just perfect as it is here Everything is happening for you in full support of your growth

You are loved more loved than you can imagine Allow this moment to be what it is Open the portal within Switch on that power source of love and light Fill your heart and every cell in your body with the love that you can give freely to you in abundance ever flowing, unconditionally

You are Enough You are Loved All is Well

I'm Sorry Pls Forgive me Thank You for this Experience I Love You


Love and Light


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