• Suria Sparks

Unbreakable, Unstoppable, Nirvana Eureka moment

Have you heard of Nirvana or Eureka? A space where you reach ultimate ecstasy sort of a heavenly state?

Well, I feel thats what I had a glimpse of yesterday!

Nirvana in my own sense

Something happened yesterday

It cracked me up Opened me up Bloomed me like that lotus you see in the middle of the lake In full bloom!

Let me describe how that feels like

It feels like nothing anyone say matters anymore that can crush or break me any further

The bones have been crushed - there is no way to crush it any further in any further powder

The bottom most bottom has been hit There is no further bottom to go to any further

The water has boiled 100 degrees You can boil a boiled water any further 99.99 degress it has not boiled Once 100 degress it has boiled Once it has boiled it has boiled that's it

The egg has been cooked The protein in the egg has coagulated You cant uncook a cooked egg

Its a space of metamorphosis The caterpillar has turned into a butterfly You cant push the butterfly back into being a caterpillar

The baby is born out of the mother's womb You cant unwomb the baby back into the womb again

It's about Dying to live again To put death to a self So that a new self can be reborn again

A space of ultimate freedom and liberation

It's like being invincible Nothing anyone say can crack or break me anymore

This feeling is total freedom! For me to be perfectly me Accept me for me This is me That is your experience of me Yet This is the me I choose And its ok for you to choose your version of me And I am choosing my version of me

Simple yet profound!

How long it takes? 7 years of Soul Detoxing myself and hundreds of others To arrive at an awakening

An awakening is not mere understanding Thats in the head - thats theory

Awakening is a split second that is just stunning That AHA moment where time just stops and stand still And the entire orchestra plays the grand entrance music


I get it - I just get it moment!

This is more precious that even life itself This is Life! This moment of awe wondering inspiration A twinkle in time of a gazillion timelapse

All of life for this one moment ... Its worth it ...

Thank you to all the experience, people, moments, enemies, friends, breath ...

All is Well All is Truly Well <3

Love and Light

Suria Sparks

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