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Turning Pain to Peace

The experience yesterday was a massive whirlpool. I’ve never experienced anything like it at all - I believe it's like a big giant vacuum cleaner sucking up all the unwanted energy clearing way to make for BIG BIG GINORMOUS Beginnings coming up soon

I felt like I was stripped naked in the middle of what felt like a wild hurricane. An experience that took me through the tornado, hurricane wild wind cycles spinning me around breathless right to the eye of it – where its nothingness, zero limits space – felt like my skin was being torn from my bones with salt added every single tear, no mercy, heartless, most cruel experience, yet necessary and most profound awakening beyond all awakenings.

It closed all doors for me but only to look within no where else, no one to blame, but just look within and clean clean clean I cried, like I have never cried before till my head hurts. I wanted to sleep but I can’t as if there’s still unsettled unfinished strands left ...

And finally as I calmed myself ..... I was inspired to list all names of people whom I feel have hurt me or whom I may have hurt and clean on their names, so I did, I listed every single being that I had encountered in my life that has hurt me or whom I may have hurt and those whom I love dearly and messed up with, everyone ...

And as I looked at everyone of their names, I cleaned on them and after I am done with every single name, I was finally able to sleep in peace .. Woke up this morning with deep reflections to find meaning from the journey yesterday .. and I was inspired to write this piece....

Some events are extremely painful like a skin tearing experience with open wounds and salt poured at every tear – yet necessary

These experiences came to upheaval a deeply anchored root of the human mind, an unconscious pattern memory, that is no longer serving and empowering you to remember your core essence is pure joy –

"You have forgotten who you truly are so that experience serves to shift your paradigm completely so you may totally transform into living a life fully expressing the Joy that you are, an essence that is infinite unlimited Vs the human construct you are which is finite limited ~ "

Everything came to serve you, FOR you, some as gentle re-minders some as strong re-minders, to re-mind you to Return to WHO you truly are, that you are indeed an infinite Spiritual Being in a finite Human experience REMIND = RE-MIND = RE WIRE = RE CONSTRUCT = RE ALIGN = RE PROGRAM = RE TURN to Your true Original Essence of Who you Truly Are

None of your thoughts and emotions are real - as real as they seems to be Pain is a human emotion a human experience It’s one of the many emotions that you play out as a character in this human flesh on earth But Who are you when the curtain drops? When you are not playing this role of extensive and varying human emotions? Who are you minus these characters? Remove yourself from the stories, drama, characters, Who are you minus them all -

"Who Are You, Really? Minus Your thoughts, the emotions, the drama? You are just pure consciousness an energy that is enigma unexplainable, a presence that is every present in total pure nothingness where all exists ... pure joy "

When you live in full presence, aware that you are simply playing roles, like a puppet with free will, to constantly create any experience you wish to create at any moment, you know you live in your full creative force of being able to BE at any given moment in your life that no matter what life throws at you, You know they are but halo graphic projections of your limited self, and when you see your life with your unlimited eyes, your inner eyes, you know life is simply an illusion at play

There is no pain or suffering but only what you subscribe to for you can be anything you choose to be at any given point for BE and it Shall BE

Pain is what you experience, yet that Experience is Not You ...

You are Pure JOY, everything in ecstasy

You will forget this again and again & You will also be reminded this again and again

"That you, beyond your tormented mind, emotional pain, unending drama, you are but a Beautiful Soul a presence, beyond what you even can possibly imagine "

Whenever you forget remember these SOULFUL REMINDERS I’m Sorry Pls Forgive me, Thank You, I Love You I’m Sorry Pls Forgive me I don’t Know what I don’t Know & It’s Ok & I don’t need to know it all

Thank You for this experience to remind me of Who I truly Am, I am grateful for what I have now & I shall do what I can

I Love You, I Trust and Surrender to this moment to be one that exist for my Higher Good, You are Enough I am Enough

There is No Existence but Existence, all else is an Illusion I am Nothing Given Everything and in Everything is Nothing

And All is Well Surrendering to the Moment,

Love & Light,


FLY First Love Yourself Soul of Success

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