• Suria Sparks

Trust the Process ...

Challenges in life simply means that my Dreams, Wishes and Prayers that I have submitted earlier in life, have been approved

Now, I am simply in the process of manifesting it all

To learn to Trust, to move beyond Asking and Embrace the Power of Surrender

Asking is Limited, Surrendering is Limitless

When I Only Ask I have Expectations When I Ask & Surrender I have Faith

I always get what I need, as I am being prepared to receive what I want or better ....

I acknowledge and am aware that all challenges are simply preparing me so when I finally receive my "Gifts" I am well prepared to Receive them with Grace

In the journey I consciously stay in awareness and be mindful between what is just an illusion, product of unconscious memories Vs What is the Reality I choose to create from the space of Gratitude & Love

I believe Nothing ever happens, unless it is for my good

At the end of it all, All is Well

I am Grateful before I manifest it I am Grateful as I am manifesting it I am eternally Grateful when It is done ...

Gratitude is not a space when I express it only when it has happened

It is a space where I express it here and now, Even while I am the process of awaiting for its arrival

It is not when I have finally received it, that mission is accomplished

It is when I am Grateful right here and now, even when it is not yet here, that is the benchmark of my ultimate success

Success is then measured by my Gratitude in the present moment

Success is where Gratitude is, Right Here and Now

I am already Successful whenever I am Grateful <3

Love and Light

Suria Sparks

Creator & Founder Soul of Success Breakthrough

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