• Suria Sparks


Today I Celebrate Me for ...... Today I Forgive Me for ....... Today I Commit to Me for ......

You know Suria, I Love You, more than anyone does, I do I Celebrate You, more than anyone does, I do I Forgive You, more than anyone held on their grudges for, I do

They may not Understand You, I Do They may not Like You, I Do They may not Favour You, I Do

They may despise You, I Love You They may think Low of You, I Think Well of You They may Hate You, I Embrace You

Something they said Killed you inside The one thing above everything else that You are Why do you let them eat you up When You have Everything in the World Set For You Why do you Allow what they say burn you When your Breath is all the proof You need to know You Matter

Do you Love You Suria? Do you?

I know it's not easy to Be You, to Love You It's harder when you beat yourself Up When You have it all in your life not to That makes you beat yourself harder That you dont know how to love yourself Be Gentle & Kind To Yourself

You only have You Give You the Love You Deserve You have No One to Prove Anything More To You Just need to Hug Yourself a Little More Love Yourself a Little More

Say Kinder words to Yourself a Grace More

Wrap Yourself around that Child that You once were That still exist in You Waiting for that Embrace that You have always Longed For You are Loved, Much Loved

Love Her, Hold Her, Hug Her Look into her eyes Say it to Her holding her face You are Special, No matter what they say, Just know You are coz you are here There is no Mistake, You are not a mistake You are loved, very loved

How and Why? Coz you exist ... That's all that Matters

Breathe, and In Your Breath is All the Answers of the Greatness that Ever is and all the Potential that Is You

All is Well

You are Enough ...

So, FLY, First Love Yourself and FLY


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