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The Fundamentals Ladder Of Success Rituals

Goal setting and time management are equally important on the Success Rituals fundamentals ladder. If you do not set targets with timelines, then you will have nothing to work towards and no achievements to look forward to celebrating. Setting goals is a medium that you can utilise to determine how close you are to achieving your plans. You have the ability to assess and make adjustment where necessary. It also assists in developing your skills set and discovering other talents that you were not aware that you possess.

Hard work and determination is what will transform your goals into reality. If you only work hard some of the times, then, you should anticipate the partial result. A mind that is determined is the fuel for hard work, and hard work keeps you determine. That is why the both of them have to be used together consistently. It is impossible to achieve by having only one of the two.

Think of determination and hard work that they are Siamese twins. They should always be joined, and it must be difficult to identify one from the other. Muhammad Ali has a quote that has an element of humour to it but it also clearly depicts what you have to do if you want to achieve your goals.

“The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.” – Muhammad Ali

You have to wake up, be determined, and work hard. Making improvements to your skills set and plans, are another set of Siamese twins. If you improve on your skill sets, then you will discover other things that you can accomplish. You can gain success in other areas other than what you had made plans for initially. If you improve your strategies, then the possibility is that you will discover new abilities that you had no idea you had.

The discovery of new abilities can be by attempting to work on the improved areas of your plan yourself, or you can employ someone completes the task in your revised proposal. If you hire an individual to perform the work, this is also a learning experience for you. You must always be aware of what is happening in whatever business transaction that you had initiated.

For me, the final Success Rituals Fundamentals is never fear failure. It is inevitable that you will fail at some stage of your plan. Failure varies for different individuals. You might experience a massive failure, and have to start your journey entirely from the first step. Your failure might be minor and with a few adjustment things can be back on the progress level. If you fear failure, you will not be able to recover from misfortunes. When you face failure, accept it, analyse what is the possible cause or causes, and start strategising immediately to correct, as well as, prevent it from reoccurring, your fears will begin to diminish.

Success Rituals are crucial because we all need them to become successfully. If we try to skip a step, then, we can be sure of a definite fall. The fall will be in the form of failing to achieve our goals. Take things step by step while you discover yourself and find your sole purposes for being awarded the gift of life. Learn to enjoy your roller coaster ride that life is guaranteed to take you on.

No matter how badly you fail, you can always raise again if you work hard and if you are determined enough.

Love and Light

Suria Sparks

Creator & Founder iSucces Academy

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