• Suria Sparks

Take a Break...

Once Upon a Time, I was Super Driven and Ambitious I wanted to Conquer the world!

I set big goals and achieved them one by one I thought I was successful Until I lost everything that I had ever created

Instead of going to IMH or committing to my suicidal thoughts ... I PAUSED

It's a MIRACLE PAUSE Put a Time Lock machine and HELD everything in my life ...

It was the best decision coz what happened after that was SPEED MIRACLES!

It was after I paused, that everything changed in my life.

My Income shot up at incredible speed!

Everything shifted 360 degrees Many people left New people came Everything shifted!

So what did I do during this MIRACLE PAUSE?

.• * ❥ REFLECTIONS Tonnes of Self Reflection as I sat in my room for days and days Writing journals

.• * ❥ MEDITATIONS Do Meditation & Remembrance of the Divine Waking up in the middle of the night to Have Soulful Conversations with God & Meditate

.• * ❥ SEEK MENTORS Meet up with Spiritual Masters & Mentors that focus on the Heart Matters I had discussion with Masters of different faiths The Discussions with these Heart Centred Masters till wee hours of the morning Deepen my thoughts about life

.• * ❥ READ Read more Books on Understanding Myself to Understand the deeper Meanings of My Being on Earth Why am Here? What is my Purpose? Where am I going?

.• * ❥ THE POOR Focus on the Poor Make time for the Poor

.• * ❥ GIVE

Since I was down, I cant really give so much money out so I gave away free knowledge I conducted classes for anyone who wanted to learn for FREE

It was a good 2 years PAUSE I learnt more in those 2 years than in my 20 years of life

Many turbulent challenges occurred in that phase too I knew the Divine was breaking me to build me again

During those period, my writings deepened I spiralled into deep thoughts of Meaning of life and Life purpose

I'm collating them to compile them into a book

What happens after this MIRACLE PAUSE is beyond my wildest imagination

As my Income soared I knew who are the diamond in the broken glass

Now I realise the power of the MIRACLE PAUSE

We all need it

I call it a MIRACLE PAUSE Recharge

Something that can be done daily consistently

Imagine, just imagine, what will happen to your life, If this is done daily?

Many faiths have it, some call it Prayers, some do it in their own chants and moments with the Divine

It can be done by anyone at anytime with every breathing second by counting your blessings in Gratitude at every breath

If we only understand the Power & MIRACLES of the PAUSE, we would never live life without it

Love and Light

Suria Sparks

Creator & Founder Soul of Success Breakthrough

PS: Manifest Miracles HERE.

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