• Suria Sparks

Permission to Be Me

Beginning to Allow myself to accept myself as who I am The bald headed woman I see in the mirror I choose to love her fully Life happens, courage happens, bald happens

Someone commented "I don't like you bald"

I replied "That's perfectly fine how you like or dislike me You can like or dislike as you wish We are uniquely different in how we perceive our world, different world views, different paradigms, It's what makes the world beautiful"

I'm not more than or lesser than Neither are you We are not equal either We are unique, like thumbprints, like snowflakes, each raised within a context of our culture, society, beliefs, systems, values,

I am Allowing everyone to be Who they are, as I wish for them to allow me to be Me, I give them the Permission to be them, while I give me the Permission to be Me

As I journal to myself I reminded myself... Let them Judge You Let them Misunderstand You Let them Laugh or Gossip about You Even then it's not their fault For they do what do, given what they know or know not

There are those who will Speak to you with Kindness out of Care and Concern & Pray for Your Well being, Its a proof that Love exists

As they disagree with you, they may part ways You may lose them, so let them go That's fine too For both of you have served your purpose to be in each other's lives

Making Bold decisions requires the Courage to face the Billions of Opinions, 7 Billion Opinions on Planet Earth, Allow Each to Have their Own While You Allow You to Have Yours, You Matter, You Choices Matter You Life Matters, Choose You 1st

It's also not about numbing emotions, It's about feeling any emotions, acknowledging it, releasing it , feel deal heal process

See others as just pure being within

Keep staying Kind & committed to be free in your authenticity, and love, especially to yourself 1st

Self Love is a Decision, a Choice, Courage, Boldness, to Act inspire of Fears, Doubts & Vulnerability It's walking the path of Purposeful Discovery in Self Awareness

End result is greater Compassion & More Love for Self and others 💜

PS: Learn to Let Go & Give Permission to Ourselves... for our Inner Greatness to Shine... Discover how to Inspire the Greatness in You & Give Permission to LOVE you & Let your Inner Light Shine! How? CLICK HERE.

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