• Suria Sparks

Not your typical mothers day message ....

My real raw message to a perfectly imperfect human being who has given birth to a human being without a manual yet somehow manage to survive the process of moulding or breaking the child in the process of raising the child ....

Celebrating all Mums who are Perfectly Imperfect Human Beings Trying their Best Doing What they Do based on what they Know How

Forgiving her for her flaws for what she did and did not do, could have or should not have done

Allowing her to be who she is, knowing she will never change and that's fine as she is who she is so Am I.

The lessons I learnt from her love, anger, pain, sorrows, silence, tolerance, expression, guilt, dramas ... In every way she is, she taught me something, the mum to be or not to be

She cracked wounds in me that allowed me to see the deeper sense of me, and made me go through a healing journey so I metamorphosize into who I am now

She hurt me in ways that made me question who I am and question if unconditional love exist, and through it I learn that the greatest love is loving myself more than anyone does.

Her silence cuts through steel, creates a sense of abandonment that I wish I wasn't born, for I felt I may have been the worst disappointment in her life, then it taught me to learn that loneliness is a friend and in that I can be that light the darkness ....

She is full of flaws, love, hate, sadness, pain, sorrow, guilt, hope, and everything that is human ...

Through her I learn to be that human too, to accept me and everyone else as who they are, to know that not every mum is perfect, that they indeed don't know it all, they make mistakes, they bleed and cry and that's fine too...

In that she taught me to be the human and mother that I am now ....

Full of flaws yet awesomely human...simply Flawsome ...

Happy Mums day to me every day of life as I celebrate me being a woman, a daughter and a mother ... And only I can love me most and celebrate me most than anyone else ...

I love You Suria

And to all Mums who are Perfectly Imperfect

You are an amazing daughter and mum, not just on this commercialised man made mothers day, but truly every day of your life 💜

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Love and Light


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