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No Matter what I do ....

Throwback - a Note I wrote back in November 5, 2008 at 4:05am

Today I chanced upon it and reposting it at the exact time! Co-incidence? Well nothing is ...

And this certainly is a great beautiful message for me ...

Last year, I was looking forward to Quantum Ikhlas

Today I’ll be conducting Quantum Abundance!

Such an amazing synchronicity

So this was the dear diary written 10 years ago ...


10 years ago ...


There are moments in my life when I feel like giving up,

when the world seems so bleak

and everything seems to turn their back against me...

There are moments when I feel what I've been doing is not appreciated...

and worse still, criticisms, abuse, scorns, back biting,

gossips and hurting words are hurled at me..


There are moments when no matter how much I've tried,

someone somewhere would still be upset

and find it not good enough or never good enough...


I learn that we can never please everyone,

like a table cloth on a dining table,

we pull one side the other side gets shorter...

even great prophets of our time get their share of abuse, hurts and cynicisms...

There are moments when the task and responsibility of uplifting the community

seems just too much to handle....

intentions are misjudged, words and truth twisted...

I am after all human, vulnerable to life's ups and downs

and subjected to the human emotional roller coaster...


At moments like that, I take a deep breath, lock myself in my room,

meditate in reflections, pour out my feelings in my Dear Diary

and seek solace in the Al Mighty to give me comfort,

forgive me for my shortcomings and give me strength to move on...

I find that these questions always help me set my perspectives in life right...


I revert back to these questions,

to set my life compass back, re program my mind, stabilise my emotions,

fill my heart with positive energies and feed my soul with spiritual enlightenment...

These are the questions I contemplate upon that sheds light to moments of darkness...

I've posted my heart felt innermost answers...

May you find them useful too.....

cut and paste the questions..and may you find your light : )

Q:What do I live to do?

I live to teach, to inspire, to motivate others BE the BEST they can be. I live to be an inspiration to others – To touch others in a positive way

Q:What is the most important thing in life?

To me the most important thing in life is to understand ourselves

– To Know who we are –

Our passions – what we love to do and potentially can be the best at doing,

What is our role in this world, what we have been send to do

– have a piercing deep understanding and clarity of the ‘WHO WE ARE” our purpose in this world

– and taking consistent actions to fulfil who we are.

Most important thing in life is to To be in Abundance in spirit, mind, emotion, be at peace and be happy

Q: What three values those who know me best would use to describe what I stand for? Knowledge

Personal Growth


Positive Connections with Others

Q: What are the three values I hold that motivate me to get up and get going everyday?

When Someone says to me “Thank you – You have helped changed my life in a positive way…I’m better ….(all positive) since because I’ve met you…you gave me hope, life, inspire & motivate me”

It gives me strength knowing that my life and breath in this world has created an impact on someone else and that I have discharged my responsibility as an agent of God Knowledge and Continuous Self Improvement for I know as a human I err, and seek to be forgiven as I learn to forgive...

Q: What is your Vision/ Mission in Life?


This section is still in progress...

What I am doing now is to see the end in mind, visualise what I choose to see in my long term future vision,

Create the Plans, break them into mini goals,

Execute them,

Test and measure,

Receive feedback,

Review them and constantly improve....

------ Most often after going through this inner contemplation routine, I feel better, lighter as I find new breath of meaning in life, a new surge of energy, learn to forgive myself as I seek to be forgiven and forgive...and recharge my spiritual energy to move on to another day in this life's earthly journey

A journey towards the eternal...

( Written 8 years ago)

---------- PS: My inner journey has evolved and metamorphosis after I conducted Soul Detox Retreat Secrets to Clarity, Confidence, Peace & Happiness (now known as Soul of Success Breakthrough) in November 2016.

The next session will be commencing soon in August 2018 and I'm excited as I grow and evolve through each training, while I lead the training, I too am learning and evolving.... Find out more HERE.

Love & Light

Suria Sparks

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