• Suria Sparks

My Greatest Asset is my Legacy

How do I know that I can cross over & die in peace? What is my KPI in my life to tell my AlMighty Creator that Yes I have done my best in discharging what I am supposed to do on earth?

What allows me to sleep peacefully at night?

The answer is, I have lived my life to create a Legacy & Asset on earth

What is my Asset? House? Money? Properties? Wealth?

Nope ...

My Greatest asset is my Legacy

My Legacy is Grooming Heart Centred Torch Bearers, carriers of Light, Life Coaches who continue to carry & pass on this light forward

The next phase of my lifetime will be dedicated to grooming more Heart centred Life Coaches, Torch bearers who continue to shine light in this planet earth ...

Individuals who have a heart to serve, who puts Mission above everything else 1st, who practices Inner work, who takes 100% responsibility for their life, whose life mission is to Transform lives through Love by 1st Loving themselves and teaching others to do the same ...

To create a Platform a Holistic School of Life where Success is inter related to

.• * ❥ Inner Self Love & Emotional Self Management

.• * ❥ Financial Wealth defined as the capacity to be financially independent with or without a boss or a breadwinner in the family

.• * ❥ Total Health defined as the absence of disease in the body, reversing all diseases naturally, reverse cancer, diabetes, heart diseases and every possible diseases naturally and wellness in the mind

.• * ❥ Spiritual Well being defined as a connectedness to the Creator a Divine Al Mighty and showing up in life as being the best ambassadors by being the Best version of our selves with Love & Compassion

What about Money? If everything is just about the heart then how do my team bring the bread to the table?

Yes we do focus on income skills, Facebook skills, marketing etc coz that is the bread and butter for living day to day, but beyond all of that our message is deeper - to help Humans FLY - First Love Yourself

The balance between making a living and Living a Life we love to Redefine Success as Living a Life worth Living, doing what You Love, Loving what you do, Being economically compensated for it & having peace of mind and love in the heart ...

On the day I die and cross over, I just want to be remembered as "Suria, is the lady who helped humans FLY"

Engraved on my tomb will the words "FLY First Love Yourself"

<3 Dedicated to all my Heart Centred Mission Based Torch Bearers and Light Workers on Earth .... I love You Infinitely till Eternity <3

Love and Light

Suria Sparks

Creator & Founder Soul of Success Breakthrough

PS: Learn to Let Go & Give Permission to Ourselves... for our Inner Greatness to Shine... Discover how to Inspire the Greatness in You & Give Permission to LOVE you & Let your Inner Light Shine! How? CLICK HERE.

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