• Suria Sparks

I Don't Know What I Don't Know

6 months ago I was placed in a very interesting space in my life, the space like a giant tornado was sleeping through my life

I question WHY this and that is happening I cried, journaled, reflected Went deep into my healing process

I reminded myself All is Happening for me, not to me That the pieces of the puzzle will soon fall into place The Divine has my back and All is Well and happening for my highest good Just keep moving, trust the process

I knew that the trip to Turkey was sacred Coz it was right after I came back from the sacred space in Istanbul, I got the email that changed everything and became the beginning of the greatest turning point in my life

There is no coincidence Twice it happened ~ both immediately after visiting the sacred space

Manifestation at it's peak Fast forward to now, I know why all those incidents had to happen

Purely to prepare me for this moment

I am in deepest gratitude this is and has been one of the greatest moments in my lifetime and it's just beginning

Events unfold itself after another beautifully in ways I can never even imagine possible

I am absolutely grateful

All is Well, always is and Always has been 💜


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