• Suria Sparks

Feeling Rejected?

So you are Retrenched, Fired, Rejected, Betrayed? They choose someone or something else over You They say, You Aren't Good Enough for Them, not up to their expectations, not good or perfect enough, not fast enough , not rich enough , not beautiful enough, not smart enough, not competent enough Not _______enough

The world can give up on you


The door that closes often lead you to the Turning Point in Your Life

Turning Points that will Bring you to a Path of Greater Possibilities Walk through that New Door with your heads up high, You Deserve this New Abundance that is Flowing your way Out with the Old Welcome the New Energy of Fresh Beginnings, Every Moment is new Breath of Beginnings 💜

All is Well

Love and Light


PS: Allow me to touch your life & Serve you for this one Moment ~ More info CLICK HERE.

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