• Suria Sparks

F.L.Y movement is born!

I'm so excited with the birth of the First Love Yourself (F.L.Y) movement! This movement is my personal goal to help every soul love themselves despite all the flaws, despite all that is not working, despite all the ups and downs, despite all the messiness in our live, the breakdowns, the breakthroughs, the mess, the message.

It is about embracing every single side, every single dark side, every single moment of our life when we feel we are at the rock bottom of the bottom. When life doesn't seem to work for us, when we think that there is no more tomorrow, when everything is just so dark, and when there is not even a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. And the tunnel seems to be endlessly bleak, and times when life is also sunny like a rainbow and happy and joyful, and then the storm strikes again and that gets topsy turvy again.

That is how life is. It's about loving EVERY aspect of that.

F.L.Y has also launched its Podcast! With me, Suria, as the main host. Listen in to new episodes once a week.

My dears...Leave your comment below and share your AHA Takeaways from the episode.... Because soul seekers FLY around here for insights inspiration and growth

Congrats for watching, listening and speeding this movement by sharing your soul insights. Your voice touches lives because you matter

With Immense Love


Creator & Founder SOS Breakthrough & F.L.Y Podcast

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