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Dilemma - HATE what you do yet still doing it??


Today's note is a strong one, not for the faint hearted...it contains strong opinions that most don't like to hear coz most people want to hear what they want to hear and anything that speaks to them to move them out of their comfort zones may create a stir and resistance within...

Up for the challenge? Well read on, don't say I didn't warn you : )


In my arena as an entrepreneur I've seen too many whiners, complainers and quitters more than I see winners..Its a sad truth, but I guess I cant beat the statistics, that 95% of any population will end up dead or broke or worst broke before they are dead...most wont even have enough to live a comfy lifestyles that they ever dream of, they end up living off their kids income or staying from home to home in their kids home, if they have thoughtful kids who will think of them or worst end up staying in the old folks home, alone..


I've been to one such home in an charity event we did and seen the look on these elderly's eyes, they looked empty, lonely and full of despair.If not for the volunteers who would come to sing, dance, feed them, talk to them, bring them out, they would be very very lonely. As we speak to them they talk of how they have been seen as a burden to their kids and for majority, the kids have even stopped seeing them altogether...the kids pay for their old home fees, but they don't bother coming to say "Hi mum, dad, how are you"...


I'd shed a tear or two when I do such volunteer work, and I vowed to myself that I would never want to be in such a place. I would care for my health and want to live life to the fullest in contribution and service, have the money that would take care of my needs till the day I die and leave this world leaving smiles and sweet memories to those I touch rather than leave a burden of debts or hospital bills for my kids to pay off after I am six feet under..


I look at my mum, an 85 year old lady, healthy, strong and fit. She still can cycle around the neighbourhood. She has her own house, she has her own savings, she has her own "happy" income stream over a thousand streaming in monthly. Her motto in life," be independent, if the kids love me great, if they don't then at least I love myself" I must say that who I am is very much shaped by some strong beliefs set by her on being a strong, independent, self fulfilled woman, to live a life full of everything yet be detached from it all..


Whatever we end up with, Some call it fate some call it luck, but I call it choice of fate and choice of luck. We write our own life story, create our destiny by the amazing power of choice bestowed upon us, that differentiates us from the animal species. And if such happens to us, it does by our choice, either consciously or subconsciously.

We can pretty much have a glimpse into our future by the choices we make today.


Conversations I have heard that deny the power of choice are

"I hate my job, I hate leaving my kids at home and working day and night, I want to quit and do something different"

" I don't like what I am doing now, but the money is good, but given a choice and a better opening I would leave"

"I can't stand my colleges/my boss/my clients...but what to do, I cant fire them, I need the job to meet ends meet, times are tough I cant quit to get another job, its too risky now"

"I'm bored as a housewife, I want to work but I cant coz my husband dont allow that or my husband allows but I cant leave my kids yet, they still need me, but I wish I can do something more while they are at school, sometimes I feel that I have wasted my talents but I dont know what I can do from home"


People want to change but there's always the 'Yes....I want to change BUT.."

Yes its The Big "BUT"....you know the buts, you have heard it before...like the above...

Yes I know but...the kids need me...so I cant work

Yes I know but...I need the job to make ends meet...so I cant leave the job I hate

Yes I know but..times are tough I cant quit to get another job, its too risky now...so I better stay till the economy gets better

Yes I know but...I dont know what I can do from home to earn an income, so I better just be the mundane housewife..


People put themselves in the straight jacket and lead insane lives. There is nothing more insane than doing something you hate, when there is a FREEDOM of CHOICE to Create your own life. It's what I term "Moral Prostitution" = Doing something you hate or abhor or is sick and tired of doing, yet "talking to yourself" to think you still have to do it because you "NEED TO" to it not coz you want to do it, when there are 101 other possible options out...that's my long and short of it, I'm sure you get the point..

Anything that delays the action to move beyond comfort zones is plain vanilla EXCUSES, to stay stuck in the rut.


You can learn something new, pick up a new hobby, stop watching American idol and spend that time reading or learning something new in a part time course then go apply for that job of your dreams.. or better still, go work for your self! Create your own income, stay at home if you think you must be with your kids, and create your own income working from home with the admin or computer skills that you have...

There is a way out if you choose to see it...

Like the Malay saying goes " If you want it you will find 101 ways, if you don't want it, you will find 101 excuses"

Whichever path you choose, you want to look back when you are old, knowing that you have done what you love to do and have created an income nest for yourself that creates independence for you to do and live a life of your dreams now till your golden age...

Love and Light

Suria Sparks

Creator Soul of Success and F.L.Y

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