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Dear Dad...

While everyone is cherishing their fathers on Fathers Day, I am reminded of the sense of unworthiness as I grew up, yet it has become the greatest tool of personal discovery for me...

Without my dad's lack of love, I would not have embarked on a journey of self love ...


A lack of love or acceptance from a parent has damaging effects.

A person who feels unaccepted by their father will constantly seek it from another person, a substance or an achievement until they find that acceptance within themselves

The desire for that love doesn’t just go away. We will seek that acceptance in any place we can find it.

The father wound is common. It’s not surprising that many are carrying decades of generational trauma. Low self worth and confusion has led to human beings who cannot be available to their children in the way they’re needed.

Father’s Day can be a difficult day for many. It’s my hope that today you remember you are worthy. You can heal from your past.


My dad never said I love you I scored the TOP in the entire district He didn't even whisper "I am proud of you"

This empty heart craves for that...the whole world can shine the spotlight on me yet it will never be enough

Coz I am always waiting for the words that will never come...

I put too much expectations on myself, I raise my bars too high sometimes I disappoint myself Yes, I beat myself more than I should praise myself

I forget my own strengths, almost daily ... I forgot that I've scaled Mt Everest to cry over fears of small hills ..

I belittle myself, strengths & talents when people compare me to what others can do better

When I hit $1 Million sales, the words were "They had surpassed you by 200K sales more ... so you better Catch up!"

Yes I was beaten ...

Nothing I achieved was enough ...

Yes I crave for approvals from those who mean the world to me, often waiting like a lost puppy with wanting eyes ...only to be thrown a bone..

Will my talents be appreciated? Acknowledged?

No ...

Its meant to be so

So I learnt to look within To settle in myself To push myself to see me as who I am

Oh so easy to say "I Love myself" when its the hardest to do

This constant craving for an authority figure to say "I am proud of You"

Reminds me so much of that little girl who constantly seeks approval from her dad .. that was me that little girl ...

Always waiting

When I forget..what the heck am I waiting for?

I can say it to myself

Suria, You are enough You are amazing

Say it looking at the mirror till I cry...

This is me I am me I accept me I embrace me I LOVE me

Oh I'm sorry Suria Sorry to make you wait so long...

You are DAMN AMAZING! Remember that...

Be Grateful ... For all that You have and You are ...

You are Not there yet, not where they expect you to be

But right here, Right Now You are Blessed, You are Enough, You are Worthy

All is Well

Suria, I Love You, By your breath that you are still breathing, the Divine loves you through you and the Beauty that Surrounds You...remember that ....

Dad, I chose you as my father to learn the lessons of self love Without You, I would not have discovered this depth within me

You left me when I could not even share my plans with you I had disappointed you, hurt you, broke your heart ... The guilt carried on in me for a while .... Until I finally forgive myself ...

I've never really known you ... Through the years without you I learnt to love myself more ....

The day I spoke at TEDx Turning my Mess into my Message I mentioned you ... coz there was once you teared for me Those tears were the turning point in my life ... It reminded me that you actually cared and loved me ...

Thank you Dad ... I'll always cherish & love you for the lessons you taught me to love myself

You are perfect for me

All is Well 💜

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