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Day 9: Build Confidence With Daily Affirmations

Updated: Jun 30, 2018

Low self esteem is a pervasive sense that we are somehow flawed, not good enough, unworthy or unlovable.

People with low self esteem often struggle with people-pleasing in an effort to fit in or be accepted.

Negative self talk can be very difficult for people with low self esteem. Even when things are going well, the critical inner-voice can sabotage our success and efforts.

People with low self esteem are often underemployed, as they fear trying to achieve and failing.

Those who have low self esteem often find themselves in unhealthy relationships, as they do not think they deserve to be treated well.

In some cases, people with low self esteem isolate themselves from others in an attempt to avoid rejection or feeling judged.

With low self esteem, it is difficult to recognize positive traits and attributes about ourselves.

The inability to accept compliments is a hallmark of low self esteem.

Luckily, having low self esteem doesn't have to be permanent.

Self awareness is the first step toward healing low self esteem. Learning to recognise distorted beliefs that reinforce low self esteem is very important. Finding safe relationships and activities to engage in can decrease isolation and improve social skills.

Affirmations and positive self talk can help reverse low self esteem. Positive affirmations can turn your negativity around. Affirmations are simply statements or phrases, which focus on the positive rather than the negative.

These mantras can actually reprogram your subconscious thinking and bring you a plethora of good benefits that you'll enjoy for years to come!

Here are some easy ways to incorporate positive affirmations into your life:

1. Affirmations should always be in the present tense. Begin your statements with "I can" "I have" or "I am," instead of a phrase like "I will" or "I may."

* Examples of this would be "I have a beautiful body" and "I am so intelligent," instead of "I will never be so stupid again."

* Choose statements that focus on the positive attributes you want to encourage, saying them as if you already exhibit that behavior.

2. Address yourself by name when expressing your affirmations. Believe it or not, this does make a big difference. When you say: "I, Jane Doe, am a beautiful person both inside and out," it makes your affirmation more powerful because you hear the lovely sound of your own name!

* Using your name in the affirmations allows your subconscious to process the words even quicker.

3. Focus on one or two affirmations to start with. Although you possess many positive attributes, it's best to focus only on one or two when you're first starting out. If you start with twenty positive affirmations, your subconscious may be overwhelmed or dismiss the deeper meaning.

* For example, if you meet someone who goes on and on about how great and beautiful you are, what's your reaction? Usually after the second or third compliment, you tend to wonder if this person is actually being sincere! The same principal applies to practicing many affirmations at once.

* Focus on one or two, and when they're firmly planted into your subconscious, you can move on to more.

4. Practice your affirmations as often as possible. Our subconscious mind is more open to suggestions when we first open our eyes in the morning and then again when we're ready to fall asleep at night.

* The more often you recite your affirmations, the faster you'll experience lasting changes.

5. Don't fret if you're having trouble writing your affirmations. There are many books and self-improvement websites that include hundreds of good, daily affirmations. You can then pick out one or two that you'd like to focus on and get started.

* Don't let something as insignificant as not being able to compose a positive mantra hold you back from making changes and incorporating happiness into your life!

Low self-esteem is something that holds us back from living the life we deserve. You can rebuild your confidence and self-esteem with daily affirmations and experience the joy of life you've been missing. Try it and you'll love it!

Love and Light

Suria Sparks

Creator Soul of Success and F.L.Y

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