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Day 27: Untold Secrets of Manifestation Mastery Revealed

Whenever we are faced with planning our goals and dreams, at times we wonder if it is achievable. There are days when we feel like giving up on them entirely because we unsatisfied with the process of achieving it; it is tiring, it takes too much time and it doesn’t show result.

What we fail to understand is the simplicity of manifestation. All it requires is consistency. Consistency comes with focus and to focus, one must always practise and dedicate their time to ensure nothing obstruct the manifestation process.

# Mastery 1: Define Your Goals

In the process of wanting to define your goals and ambitions, a great many things must come into place. It is not just about defining what you want, but also you do not want. These two have a huge gap and difference between them, but often we see people tend to go with things that they do not need at that time.

Why is this happening? Well, while you are busy spending all your time and energy defining things that you do not need, incidentally, you are shifting most of your attention to it more and more. Thus, the things that you do not want ended up manifesting.

This is simply because manifestation works best when there are attention and energy poured to it. To ensure that it works the way you want it, go ahead and set a time and date for a contemplation moment. Once you are settled in place, here are some notes to take note of when you want to define your goals;

  1. Ask yourself; what are your goals? You may write it down a piece of paper or even journal if you want to. Keep writing as many goals as you want. The focus will be to identify which takes precedence over the other.

  2. Thus, the next step is to be specific with your goals. Clarity is important to ensure that your goal is definitive enough for you to achieve. This is often the most challenging part of your manifestation process because it takes time.

  3. Start giving it character. What it means is to describe the attributes of your dreams. Not all dreams are the same. You may have multiple dreams you want to achieve but what the dream truly means to you will always differ.

  4. Take your time. At times, you may find yourself lost in your thoughts because you think you know exactly what you want, but as time goes by it lacks impact. You are no longer sure what is it that you truly desire.

Once you have that all in place, surrender the process to the universe. But keep in mind, you are not leaving all of this to chance. There are multiple options for the dream to materialise but chance is not one of them. In time, you will learn to manifest it using the power of belief.

If you are simply putting down goals without believing that it can work, you are being dishonest with what you want. You are supposed to fuel it and guide it through the process of materialisation.

# Mastery 2: Believe

A positive attitude welcomes all kind of opportunities. No matter how bad the situation may be, they believe that their mindset will clear it with ease. They know that it is possible for the things that they desire will materialize no matter the circumstances; as long as they believe in it.

Believing is more than just a state of mind, it is also a form of acceptance to miracles. Simply because the stronger you believe in your desire, the less resistance you will make to things around you. You know that whatever happens, happens for a reason, and if it allows you to move towards your dream, you greet it with open arms.

No matter what you do, you will embrace changes from every angle. You know that;

  1. Change is inevitable. The faster you realized this, the easier it is for you to prepare for any upcoming alteration in your life.

  2. Not everything will go as plan. When that happens, you will learn to adapt. It may not be the easiest way, but being adaptive and flexible in your views are necessary to tackle those changes.

3. There is a certain experience that is worthwhile to gain. With it comes with an event that may affects you negatively. During this trying moments, you will be tested on how would you want to face it. Should you choose to embrace it, you will see how much it will transform your life for the better.

Always expect your dreams to manifest. Be aware that it is currently in process and that only you can allow it to materialise. Practise visualisation of your desire. Feel and experience your goals in the eyes of your mind and feel the emotions surging through you. This will allow you to take all the necessary action to materialise it.

You may need to go someplace that will direct you to your goals, or apply for a new job to gain the experience you need. If there’s a strong urge that pulls you to do something else than what you are doing now, heed it and take action. Do not ignore it.

Sometimes, you are unaware of the different opportunities the Universe is providing for you because you are at a constant wait for something to happen. Things is, nothing will happen without you taking that first step. You still need to take the necessary action if you want it to materialise.

# Mastery 3: All The Good Vibes

What I’m about to share with you are something that we often take all of this for granted and wonder if the grass is greener on the other side. Hence, we are constantly chasing for something that is irrelevant to what we are trying to truly achieve. By understanding the concept of

1. Gratitude

  • Make a list of things you appreciate the most. Anything you can think of in your life. For example, acknowledge all the things you have now (not in the past), be it your job, family, relationship, children or your home.

  • Constantly be thankful and blessed there are people out there who did not have what you have. For what we take for granted, some must fight and beg for it. The gratitude will enable you to move forward in your life with joy and affection – in turn this will affect your surrounding people.

  • At times, there are depressing moments and hardships that you have gone through, like the loss of loved ones; be fortunate that you are still surrounded by people who care for your wellbeing.

2. Giving

  • Always give when able. There is the saying that “give and you shall receive”. By giving, you are inviting the goodness into your life. In time, people will notice the compassion in you and reciprocate by becoming more affectionate to you.

  • Giving can be in so many forms; it is not just limited by money. It can also be a simple act of kindness. Give kind advises. Give a smile. Give appreciation and love. Give compliments. You can even give courtesy to other motorists while you are driving. Begin TODAY by performing a small act of kindness.

3. Love

  • Love is the highest power to achieve and it sync with the law of attraction. The more love we feel, the greater our happiness will be. The more love that we are able to give, the more peaceful we will be.

  • The law of attraction is also known as the law of love, because the law itself is a gift of love to humanity. It is the law by which we can create incredible lives for ourselves.

  • The more love we feel, the greater our power to create a magnificent life of love, joy, and harmony!

Remember to always be grateful for what you have at this time. Don’t ever neglect all the positive things you have done for the day. Initially, you would think that it is small and mundane, but once you list it all out, you will begin to appreciate the things you managed to achieve.

It can be as small as, waking up early, finish a work before the deadline, managed to wash the cloth before going out, finally started to read the book that you want and any other things you’ve done for the day.

By inculcating all the good vibes there is you will that every step that you take is worth every goal you want to achieve.

Love and Light

Suria Sparks

Creator Soul of Success and F.L.Y

PS: Life is a Process 

Embrace each state lovingly 

Emotions are not to be healed but held and as you learn to manage your emotions 

You learn to Grow from Inside ... 

To Be More Loving, Peaceful and Happy ... Read to create Your Inner Happiness?


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