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Day 10: Daily Life Tool #3

Updated: May 1, 2018

Read out the following Positive Affirmations to Self.

Positive Affirmation Them: My dreams rarely rely on validation from others.

1) I am a dreamer at heart because it keeps me hopeful. I create my own sense of satisfaction and fulfillment through those desires.

2) I acknowledge that I am in charge of achieving my dreams.

3) It is wonderful when I am able to share my dreams with friends and other loved ones. Their support is meaningful to me but I avoid relying on it for validation.

4) At times, my loved ones question the things I aim at, but I avoid allowing their doubt to derail me. I wish my doubting loved ones well when they attempt to transfer their energy onto me. I know that they mean me well, but it is important for me to listen to my heart.

5) When others are looking at whether my choice is logical and practical, I am looking at whether it fulfills my dreams. When something makes me smile unconditionally, I know it is right for me.

6) I know that once my ideas are well thought out, all else falls into place naturally.

7) My heart sings when I am on a passion-filled journey.

8) Today, dreaming makes me truly happy. It gives me a never-ending feeling of bliss that is hard to find anywhere else. I am committed to going after those things in life regardless of how others may view my choices.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I go about explaining my passion to others?

2. How necessary is it for me to justify my choices to others whose lives are not impacted by them?

3. What are some of the things that I am passionate about?

Love and Light

Suria Sparks

Creator Soul of Success and F.L.Y

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