F.L.Y LIVE TV is a weekly series that delivers life awakening content, exploring themes and issues that includes happiness, personal fulfilment, spirituality and conscious living . Enjoy mind, heart and soul nourishing conversations between Suria and Saera !

Full Episodes

Episode 1: Secrets to Living a Rich Abundant Life 

Episode 2: Secrets to Attract Income & Be Happy Even When You are Broke and have Nothing!

Episode 3: How to Stay Positive in Toxic Surrounding?

Episode 5: How To Handle Spouse who Uses Religious Emotional Blackmail "Hell" "No Blessings" to Curb Wife from Pursuing Business

Episode 7: How to Breakthrough out of Depression and Move from Self Hate to Self Love

Episode 4: How to Manifest Abundance From Nothing?

Episode 6: Domestic Violence by Anyone to Anyone is NOT Acceptable. Step Up Speak Up

Episode 8: How to Stay Positive when You Feel Hurt & Down?

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