F.L.Y Train the Trainer

Who Else wants to Step Up to be a Personal Development & Motivational Trainer?


  • Do You Aspire to be a Motivational Trainer Coach & Mentor❓

  • Have you Always wanted a Platform where you can be a Motivational Trainer Leading Your Transformational Life Changing Workshops❓

  • What if You can Develop a Lucrative Career Supporting Individuals Reach Their Highest Personal Potential


iSuccess Academy is launching a Certificate in FLY TRAIN THE TRAINER with the most Powerful Tools for Achieving Personal Breakthroughs!

FLY = First Love Yourself

Get PAID to conduct Your FLY Abundant Life Workshops. It is Dynamic & a Life Changing Experience. No Training or Coaching experience needed.




This is for you if you are:


  • Passionate about helping bring the Best Potential in Others, Help them Build themselves as you Grow into the Star Leader You are!

  • Have a Burning Desire to Conduct your own Business in a Meaningful Personal Development Training Industry

  • You can run the FLY Abundant Life Workshops ANYWHERE ( with 5 or above participants )

You'll be supported with ideas on how to run this so you will never be alone!

We train and support you in becoming successful FLY trainers. Plus, we give celebrate Your Success and cheer you on as we celebrate everyone in the team 💜

Awesome Note : Your Life will NEVER be the same again 💜

Below are the Details of the Program:

26 modules Online



Part 1: Know Yourself

Your Inner Secret Password. Unlock Your Secret Password To Know The True Authentic Real You. Discover Who You Are, Your Cherished Values & Deepest Passions, Longings, Desire to Create a Life You Love

Week 1

Module 1 Introduction to Self Mastery


Module 2 Discover Your Authentic Self


Module 3 10 Pointers to Self Awareness Mastery

Week 2

Module 4 Knowing You : Who Are You?


Module 5 Discovering Personal Identity


Module 6 Power of Life Journaling

Week 3

Module 7  Discovering Personal Values


Module 8 Power of Passion

Week 4

REVIEW Module 1 to 8 

Summary and Reflection 

Quiz - Know Yourself

Part 2: Makeover Yourself

It’s a beautiful thing to accept yourself without judgment. In this powerful section, you will learn what it means to find true self-acceptance. You will come to terms with who you really are, let go of past mistakes, and learn to forgive yourself. You’ll break free from those crippling self-doubts, eliminate their negative self-image, and learn the power of constructing a healthy self-image.

Week 5

Module 9 Power of Reflections

Module 10 Power of Self-Esteem

Module 11 Your Mess is a Message

Module 12 Manifesting Who You Desire To be

Week 6

REVIEW Module 9 to 12 

Summary and Reflection 

Quiz - Makeover Yourself

Part 3: Accept Yourself

Once you understand yourself, you’ll give yourself a full self-concept makeover. You’ll discover the power of reevaluating your past, building and maintaining unshakable self-esteem, being proactive about increasing your satisfaction in life, and determining who you really want to be.

Week 7

Module 13 Power of Self-Acceptance

Module 14 Going Deeper to the Power of True Self Acceptance

Week 8

Module 15 Power of Mistakes

Module 16  Power of Self Forgiveness

Week 9

Module 17 Embracing the Shadows Within

Module 18 Break Free From Crippling Self-Doubts

Module 19 Power of Acceptance Self-Image

Week 10

REVIEW  Module 13 to 19 

Summary and Reflection

Quiz - Accept Yourself

Part 4: Love Yourself

Only you learn to love yourself can you begin to love others. You are going to finally learn how to embrace your individuality and stop desperately seeking the approval of others.

You’ll learn how to avoid the fatal flaw of comparing yourself to others and the power of believing in yourself. Finally, you'll learn how to love your body, emotional self, intellectual self, and spiritual self.

Week 11

Module 20 Embrace Your Unique Self

Module 21 Power of Self Approval

Module 22 Power of Self Believe

Week 12

Module 23 Power of Body Love

Module 24 Power of Emotional Self Love

Week 13

Module 25 Power of Intellectual Self Love

Module 26 Power of Spiritual Self Love

Week 14 
REVIEW Module 20 to 26

Summary and Reflection

Quiz - Love Yourself



Above Total Value $21K

Public Rate SGD 1299 ONLY!

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