Suria Sparks
Founder & Creator Soul of Success, Master Trainer

Suria Mohd is an 8 figure entrepreneur who is passionate about transforming the lives of others by teaching women, men, children and teens alike to fall in love with themselves and do what matters most in life. She believes that when each of us practice self love, we will shine our light to the world.

After having a spiritual awakening in 2011, Suria has been helping others live in the moment through her live event intensives. She in the process of creating a Global & Virtual experience via her upcoming books, online courses, and Virtual intensives.

In addition to being a inspirational teacher and writer, Suria is a gifted intuitive with a post graduate in Nutrition and over ten years experience supporting people in their personal growth. She is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Philosophy specialising in Holistic Life Coaching. She has two children and lives in Singapore.

Her upcoming books are:

♥ Grateful No Matter What

♥ The Life Purpose Discovery : The Simple Path to Discovering your True Life Calling by Turning Your Mess into a Message

Suria believes that “Life is about Turning Your Mess into your Message” and thus she promises that she will  share her zero to hero journey so it fires the hope and inspiration in others …  so  that YOU can MOVE on released from burdens and create the life that you want.   

Founder and Creator L.I.F.E, Intuitive Life Transformation Coach

Sa Era is an Educator, Trainer, Researcher & an Intuitive Speaker who is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Metaphysics.She is also the Founder & CEO of Young Genius Readers ( A Subsidiary of YGM International)


As an Educator & Trainer she strongly believes in a Child Centred Learning Approach as it allows kids to explore their limitless potentials.


As a Speaker, she is naturally intuitive and has been conducting Personal one-to-one and Small Group Coaching to help people Eliminate Self-Limiting Beliefs and Open up their Awareness to Higher Energies and Frequencies and hence unleash Higher Self Potentials.


As a Self Researcher, she has embarked on a journey of Self-Discovery shifting her own paradigms and breaking her own personal boundaries.


Her Knowledge and Wisdom especially in the field of merging Ancient Wisdom and Quantum Physics has led her to ReDiscover many Hidden Human Potentials and Unlimited Abilities beyond what one can Imagine.

M Nasrullah (Nas)
Founder and Creator One Inspired Conciousness (O.I.C), Intuitive Meditation Facilitator, Author, Energy Healer

A true seeker, Nas started his spiritual journey at the youthful age of 16, when he was first introduced to Inner Breathwork.


At that age, he was seeking for answers and attended several courses to gain a better understanding of the changes he was facing. With a determined heart and mind, Nas persisted in his quest to explore life beyond the norm and in seek of his inner- self.


His search took him through various life-changing paths and his appreciation for Healing Modalities grew greater ever since. In December 2012, he had a calling to write a book titled 'The True Significance', which is a testimony of all his experiences from the beginning of his spiritual journey.


With blessings from his guides, his book was completed and launched successfully.


He is a Bachelor Arts (Hons) Business & Marketing graduate and now pursuing his Doctorate in Philosophy, specialising in, Conscious Centered Living.


Nas has been richly blessed with immense knowledge of the Universe and Earth's Essence. His awakening and learning continue with passion.


Having consulted hundreds of clients in Singapore & Malaysia through the power of healing, Nas has helped many to lead a more healthy, peaceful & prosperous life.


His big wish is to share his love and light by sharing his experiences & knowledge to benefit humankind. He believes in the power of Love that brings great peace & fulfillment in Life.


To Love is to Live in the One Vibrational Ever Presence Energy!

Tel: +65 85228235, info@isuccess.sg.com

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